4 Ways a Hampton Vanity is Great for Your Bathroom

Does your bathroom always seem disorganized? Do soap bottles litter your bathroom counter all the time? Do you want an elegant way to keep your bathroom essentials in order?

A Hampton vanity might just be what you are looking for.

Hampton vanities have been popular in Queensland and will probably keep their popularity for more decades to come. The simple, minimalist but sophisticated look of a Hampton vanity makes it an attractive piece to add to a household bathroom.

4 Ways a Hampton Vanity is Great for Your Bathroom

With its iconic wooden cupboard and marble top for a basin, a Hampton vanity provides storage and style. Here, we listed some ways a Hampton vanity can level up your bathroom and why you should consider buying one. 


It goes well with any colour scheme.

White is the typical colour of a Hampton vanity. Other times you can find a navy blue, grey or wood grain variation with a white marble top. It is one of the great qualities of a Hampton vanity. With its neutral, or closed to a neutral colour, it is not difficult to pair it with any bathroom colour scheme.

Should you need a cupboard to organize your bathroom stuff, a Hampton vanity will not antagonize your bathroom colour.


Hampton vanity is cupboard, counter, and basin all in one.

Most Hampton vanities available in the market today have built-in marble countertop and basin. Hampton vanity doesn’t only serve as storage but can also act as a bathroom sink. Just place a mirror on the wall atop the vanity and it will be good to go.

Having the storage just beneath the countertop is also great for bathroom vanity. As most of the supplies go in the cupboard, having easy access is a blessing. With Hampton vanity, you can easily retrieve supplies from beneath the counter when needed.


It minimizes clutter.

Unlike other bathroom vanities, a Hampton vanity will rid of clutter. With many storage spaces below, you can put all the essentials away from the countertop. It provides an easy way to organize stuff for busy homeowners.


It’s simply elegant.

Contrary to the elegant looks of a Hampton vanity, it is also affordable. You can find cheap versions in many hardware stores around Queensland. With its popularity, you will not have difficulty finding a store that offers a Hampton vanity as well, however you get what you pay for in regards to the material used.

In reality, the luxurious vibe of a Hampton vanity is rooted in its style. It is, after all, inspired from an exclusive place in New York City. That doesn’t mean that a Hampton vanity comes expensive. Adding one to your bathroom will make an elegant piece without hurting your budget.

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