5 Things To Consider When Planning A Kitchen Renovation

“The kitchen is where you put all the ingredients together. No matter what you do in life, you have to have a plan and put it together.” – Yo Gotti

Do you look at your kitchen and think of the things you can improve to make it more inviting and beautiful? So, you want to renovate and enhance its look.

5 Things To Consider When Planning A Kitchen Renovation

If you want to renovate your kitchen then you need to carefully plan everything first. So before jumping into your big project, here are some of the things to consider when planning a kitchen renovation.

Things to consider before renovating a kitchen

You might want to ask yourself these questions first:

  • What is your main goal in the renovation?
  • What do you want to change in your kitchen?
  • What finishes do you want to use?
  • How many storages do you want?
  • How do you intend to use your kitchen after the renovation?

After listing down your answer to these questions and your reasons for renovating your kitchen, below are some of the important things you need to think carefully.

The design and style

If you’re going to renovate your kitchen, you need to know the design and style you want. You need to make sure that it blends with the overall design of your house.  For example, your home is decorated in Hampton Style. Therefore, your kitchen must be decorated in this style too, or else, it will look out of space.

In this phase, you must think and consider the small and big parts of the kitchen. The cabinets for example. If you’re decorating in Hampton Style, see to it that the cabinets’ look is in Hampton Style. Hence, their colour and even their handle are in-lined with the style.

The other things that can make your kitchen stand out are the following:

  • Lighting
  • Ceiling
  • Countertops
  • Splashbacks
  • Servery/seating area

Make sure that you consider these things carefully and that you know what their possible outcome can be.

The kitchen space and layout

Another important thing that you must consider is your kitchen space and its layout. These will determine how much you can put in your kitchen. You must be aware of this so that you know if the design and style you want can fit in your kitchen space.

If you have limited space then you might want to maximise it so that nothing goes to waste. If this is your case, asking for a professional kitchen contractor will most likely be beneficial to you. They can help you fit the right design in your kitchen space and ensure that you get the most out of your area.

A lot of people forget one of the most used elements to the kitchen which is the garbage bins. This needs to be taken into consideration for best use of space.

The appliances

After considering the space, layout, and the design and style that you like, you can start thinking about your choice of appliances.

  • What appliances do you need to replace?
  • Do you want the appliances to be the feature of your kitchen?
  • Or do you want them to blend in (integrated)?

The space provided for the appliances may help you narrow down your choices. Hence, make sure that you ask the questions above before placing them in the kitchen.

If the microwave is one of your essential appliances for making easy breakfast, but it won’t blend with the kitchen’s colour, then you may integrate it in the cupboard or in a cabinet where it’ll fit in. For more tips on where to place your microwave, click here.

Other appliances that you may consider are the range hood and stove. If you want them to become a kitchen feature then choose a colour that can accentuate the kitchen’s base colour.

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The storage and cabinetry

The next thing that you need to consider is the storage and cabinetry. Here are the things you can consider when it comes to this part.

  • How much storage do you want or need?
  • Do want it all above the head or under your benchtops and islands?
  • Do you want it large or a combination of small and large cabinets?
  • What will be the design? A sliding cabinet or not?

Storage and cabinetry play an important role in the kitchen. They will hold your kitchen utensils, plates, cups, and more. Therefore, you must see to it they are strong and fits in the overall design of your kitchen. You should note down how you want their access to be, what type of handles it will have, and if how many cabinets you’ll need.

The finishings

After considering all the things above, we’ll now go to the kitchen’s finishings such as:

  • The lighting fixtures
  • The tapware
  • The benchtops
  • The window panel and blinds
  • Doors
  • Handles/Knobs

These are some of the small details in the kitchen, but if you get them right, they will make your kitchen look like something that is taken from the magazine.

Hopefully, you can follow and consider these things before making the big leap in renovating your kitchen. Planning and considering things carefully can help ensure that your kitchen renovation will be smooth and fun.

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