5 Basic Questions Before Designing your Kitchen Island

Planning to add a kitchen island for your next kitchen renovation?

Kitchen islands are on trend right now, both in terms of style and functionality, and it’s not too difficult to see why. They meet several criteria in terms of room, space for a wide counter, style, functionality, and popularity. They not only look amazing, but they can also turn a kitchen into something exquisite.

5 Basic Questions Before Designing your Kitchen Island


However, not all kitchens can accommodate a kitchen island. After all, they do require adequate space. As much as they can make your kitchen beautiful, they can also hinder smooth movement. The dimensions of your kitchen will determine if a kitchen island will work out. Thus, before deciding on a kitchen island, think about these five questions we will share with you.


Do you have a room for the kitchen island?

Kitchen islands are typically used as a frame for the stove or sink. However, if you want to use it for serving and preparing food as well, it would need a space for food prepping and dining areas. Similarly, if it would be used for washing up raw ingredients and dishes, you will want enough surface space to hold plates, pots, and pans. Thus, the kitchen island entails a considerable countertop dimension.


How much storage will your kitchen island have?

If your kitchen has enough cupboards and cabinets to store your utensils and supplies, then storage in your kitchen island will not be necessary. However, if this is going to be your main storage area, you should consider a wider island to accommodate all your materials.


Will there be appliances on your kitchen island?

Depending on your intended purpose for the kitchen island, it might need a fridge, hot plates or upright stove, dishwasher, sink and many other appliances. If this is the case, strategic placing of these appliances is important. So, before you start adding a kitchen island, talk with your kitchen renovator to ensure that the required repairs, wiring and installations are planned and scheduled ahead of time.


How high will the seats be?

Kitchen islands have been transformed into a place for socialisation. This makes it important for you to decide on the height and number of seats you’ll be using in this area. In most cases, four seats is sufficient to accommodate a small gathering.


Will you need a professional designer to work on the layout?

Professional designers can make wonders on your kitchen island’s layout. When a rectangle is the typical shape of a kitchen island, experts can customise the island into your specific ideas and requirements. They can also include smart storages to make the kitchen island more beautiful.

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