Approximately 96% of kitchens in Australia have microwave ovens. Canstar Blue

The next question is this: where do you put this in your kitchen?

Where Should You Put Your Microwave


Should you place it on top of the fridge, on the benchtop, or the cupboard? There are many weird places where microwave ovens are placed. But, is there really a rule of thumb on where this kitchen appliance has to stay?


Things to consider when choosing a place for your microwave


Before choosing a place for your microwave oven, consider the following factors:


Will it look visually appealing?

Hiding things behind closed doors via Roller Shutters is one of the popular ways to conceal microwaves these days. Byfold doors is another way but you will need to keep the benchtop clear in front of the door.


Is it accessible to everyone?

In finding the perfect location for your microwave, consider the height of everyone who will be using it. You don’t want anyone complaining because it is placed too high for them to reach or too low for them to bend over.


How safe is your chosen place?

Ultimately, make an honest assessment. How safe is your microwave if you place it in your chosen location? Just be aware there is hot liquid inside when cooking so you don’t want children burning themselves. If you place it near the sink, then there is a danger that will have to endure water splashes. That is not only dangerous for your microwave but for everyone inside the house because these splashes may reach its electrical wirings.


The Quest of Finding the Perfect Place for Your Microwave

There is no right or wrong answer for this one. It all depends on your needs and your preferences. But below are some places you may place your microwave.


Put it near a power source

Okay! This must be a given. If you have no kitchen design plan, you’ll have no other choice but to place your microwave oven to the nearest power source. This makes it very convenient.

Where Should You Put Your Microwave - Benchtop


However, this often results in a direct waste of space and power source.


Above an Appliance unit

This works if you want if you have an appliance unit although you need enough height clearance for your toaster and kettle so it will make your microwave sit a little higher.

Where Should You Put Your Microwave - Above an appliance unit


Under overhead cabinets

One of the best places to sit your microwave is under your overhead cabinets. Placing it here will also keep it safe from water splashes. It also gives more space for cooking and preparation for your benchtop.


Where Should You Put Your Microwave - Under overhead cabinets


However, you need to consider if the size and door opening of the microwave fits. Sometimes, these microwave ovens can be deeper than your overhead cabinets. As a result, it will protrude out of your cabinet. This results in an ugly sight inside your kitchen.

A professional kitchen cabinetmaker can construct a customized cabinet with one of the spaces specifically designed to fit your microwave oven.


Utilize the space under your bench

For those who don’t fancy placing their microwave ovens in their overhead cabinet, you may choose to place it under the bench. This will still keep your open space design. Plus hide the microwave from guests. However, you will need to bend a little to use it.

NOTE: Although choosing to place your microwave under your bench seem efficient, it is not recommended if you have toddlers inside the house. They may be tempted to play with it. Thus, posing risks. Thus, you may still want to have it placed on your overhead cabinet. 

Where Should You Put Your Microwave - Under your bench


In a wall oven tower

Another yet practical place to put your microwave is on the tall cabinet just above your wall oven. This will make your kitchen look organized because the cooking appliances are in one place.


Where Should You Put Your Microwave - In a wall oven tower


However, ensure that it is strategically placed with the right height. Too high and you might end up tipping hot liquid on yourself.



If you are going to renovate your kitchen, it’ll be best to ask a professional kitchen cabinetmaker to assist you. So what is our best advice regarding your microwave? It would be in a wall oven tower or if you have a Butler’s Pantry, put it in there. This ensures safe, easy access, and a visually appealing location for it.


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