7 Kitchen Colour Schemes That Never Go Out of Style

Are you planning on repainting your kitchen?

Or are you stuck with the right colour to apply for your newly-built one?

It’s a crucial decision. Your kitchen colour can make or break the ambience. Thus, it can either make the kitchen more inviting or send a stressful and chaotic vibe.

7 Kitchen Colour Schemes That Never Go Out of Style


Moreover, changing your kitchen colour from time to time is not a very wise way to spend your money. If you wish to have a good investment, we suggest that you choose a good colour scheme and stick to it.

With that said, your choice of colour scheme should be timeless. It should be something that you will never get tired of looking at every day.

To help you out, here are some of the best kitchen colour schemes that never get out of style:


#1 All White

White might be a boring colour for some, but it is a based colour for something.

But why white?

White doesn’t give much strain to our eyes even if we look at it for long. This helps us relax even by just gazing at it. This is one of the reasons why having an all-white kitchen is a good thing.

It also goes well with almost any colours. Thus, you will not find it difficult to match the colours of your tools and appliances in a white kitchen.


#2 All Black

Similar to white, black goes well with most colours. However, you should avoid mixing a lot of dark coloured kitchen supplies in an all-black kitchen as it may ruin the contrast.

Black is a sophisticated and elegant colour and suggests a state-of-the-art atmosphere.  It makes the room appear more spacious and creates an illusion of space. This makes it perfect for those who have small kitchens.


#3 Black and White

If a single coloured kitchen seemed boring, why not have both?

Black and white make a good combination for a kitchen colour scheme. They make a well-balanced, sophisticated look when applied properly.

Most colours complement both black and white as well. This makes finding good matching kitchen accessories easier and more convenient.


#4 Natural Tones

Natural tones of earthly colours are known to give a comforting feeling to the perceiver. Thus, a colour scheme consisting of natural tones will make your kitchen feel homey and pleasing.

Based on colour psychology, brown is also the least disliked colour by many people. Its simplicity and down-to-earth vibe make brown an agreeable colour.


#5 Neutral shade with timber accent

Timber is a much-loved element in Australian architecture. What makes this piece a wonderful accent is that it can be mixed with many other colours.

Adding a timber accent to a neutral shade or combined neutral scheme makes an elegant appeal to your kitchen.

Use timber in shelves and benchtops to compliment a black or white wall. Try it this 2021.


#6 Cream and Navy

Another good old colour scheme to consider for your kitchen that still works today is the cream and navy colour combination.

Navy, as a shade of blue, suggests peacefulness and trust. This makes it very close to the feeling of nearness to the ocean.

When combined with cream, this easily helps you achieve a maritime theme. The bluish colour makes a tranquil ambience while the cream plays a good contrast to the darker shade.


#7 Olive green paired with Champagne

Olive green  is an earthly colour. Like the natural tones, it is strong enough to stand out as the main colour in this combination, but not too strong to break the compliment.

Champagne, on the other hand, is a widely-used colour in interior design. You can find marble tops, basin and other kitchen furniture in champagne colour. This makes it easily available.



You might have noticed that most of the colours in the seven schemes are cool colours. Warm colours can be spontaneous and fun but it makes your kitchen look hot and risky. As a result, it may result in a feeling of discomfort and decreased productivity.

The cooling effect of the colours mentioned above is what makes them a consistent choice for your kitchen colour scheme. So, if you want a kitchen look that never gets out of style, we highly suggest you pick one among these schemes.

Do you need further advice on choosing your kitchen colour? Send us a message today.