The kitchen is among the parts of the house that need frequent renovation. Your kitchen is a busy place, not to mention that working there can be quite messy. Thus, it is inevitable for your kitchen to have permanent stains and damages after some time. When this happens, you’ll have to make some renovation to keep your kitchen beautiful.

Aside from repair, your kitchen will also need to be remodelled while your family is growing; because your small kitchen ten years ago might not be suitable for your present household. You may even find it necessary to make your dining chairs higher for your grown-up kids to fit in.

5 Smart Kitchen Changes You Can Do Today

In this blog, we will share with you five simple kitchen renovations that can do wonder for your home.

Introduce smart, space-savvy storage

There are many ways you can add smart storage to a small kitchen. Smart storage is a trend in kitchen remodelling today and some techniques are easier to apply than you can imagine. Some ideas you can use are:

A Pull-out Pantry

If you don’t have enough room for a full-fledged pantry, a pull-out pantry would suffice. All you need is a narrow space from your low cupboard or underneath your kitchen island, which can be transformed into a drawer-type (only it would be a vertical rectangle) that can be used for a pull-out pantry.

Multiple tiers trolley

If your cupboard room is too constrained, a trolley will come in handy. This is most helpful in organizing your condiments, kitchen supplies, and even utensils. It can also be moved to various areas of the kitchen as desired. So it is a must have for any kitchen.

Maximize Cupboard Doors

Make the most of your cabinet doors by installing additional storage racks. This allows you to organize pot lids, collapsible basin or colander, chopping boards, and other slim equipment. Alternatively, you can add hooks on the inner door to hold sachets, packets of spices, and small bags of ingredients.

Add a functional feature wall

A feature wall or accent wall adds beauty to a room. It can also be used for your kitchen’s various functions.

How to do this?

You can add racks to a feature wall to display your stylish kitchenware. You can also add invisible cupboards to an accent wall for smart storage space. On the other hand, you can simply use a feature wall as a divider.

Shift to Stackable Jars and Containers

You can find a lot of stackable jars on home depots nowadays. These smart space saver items make organizing your kitchen supply vertical instead of horizontal. Arranging your jars horizontally consumes a lot of space in your pantry. It is also not to mention that the jars at the back can be difficult to pick up when needed. Alternatively, with stackable jars, you can maximize the height of your pantry and stack the supplies and condiments according to their use.

Keep things in order with drawer organisers

Drawer organizers are probably the best gift you can give yourself and your kitchen. There are many items and supplies to organize in your kitchen. Simply stuffing your supplies in the cupboard or drawers can be messy and consume much space. With drawer organizers, you can neatly stack your pans, plates, and containers.

Rethink your layout

If all these additions mentioned above won’t work to bring functionality to your kitchen, changing the layout might help. There are various kitchen layouts you can adopt to make your kitchen more functional, spacious, and organized.

You can browse the internet for kitchen layout ideas and find the one that suits your requirement. Alternatively, you can consult a local builder for a good layout that will fit your kitchen perfectly.

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