5 Kitchen Design Trends to Make Your Kitchen Standout

Are you planning to give your kitchen a renovation soon?

5 Kitchen Design Trends to Make Your Kitchen Standout

Then you might be interested to know the latest kitchen design trend in the country today. Here we listed the top 5 trends that can make your kitchen a standout.


Trend 1: A Little Bit of Raw and Bare

Inspired by African culture, this trend in kitchen design incorporates raw materials to modern styles. The result is a rugged but visually pleasing interior.

Since contemporary interior design is geared to simplicity, additional texture can be seen as an accent. The two elements blend well together. Simplicity highlights the texture of raw materials. The latter, on the other hand, complements the contemporary vibe.

Bare concrete and timbers seemed to be the top choice in this trend. However, furniture and other displays with natural looks make a good option as well.

#2 Open Shelves

A rather new trend in Australian kitchen design, “open shelves” is slowly gaining the spotlight. As messy as it may seem, open shelves design maximizes the shelves as both storage and display.

It is popularized by Courtney and Hans and Freedom Kitchens during “The Block” Challenge apartment in 2018. Where black frames were used to build hanging shelves that give off an edgy yet minimalist ambience to the kitchen.

Incorporating this design in your kitchen will surely leave a lasting impression on your visitors.

#3 Less is more

Contrary to open shelves design, another trend that seemed to increase popularity among Australian homes is minimizing clutter. In this concept, many seamless cabinets are incorporated into the kitchen layout for storage purposes.

This way, appliances, utensils and other kitchen materials need not be placed on benchtops or counters. Everything is hidden, leaving a spacious and tidy kitchen area.

Another characteristic of this design is the sleek cabinets. As much as possible, drawers and doors of kitchen cabinets should not have protruding handles. This makes the overall atmosphere simple and neat.

#4 Eye-catching Splashback

Splashback had never gotten its needed attention until these past few years. The plain and boring white tiles are slowly getting replaced by more visually appealing and bolder splashback designs.

This can be the easiest trend to adapt to your kitchen as it doesn’t require a full-blown makeover. The only catch is that you need to find the splashback design that will best fit your kitchen colour scheme.

#5 Two-tone colour scheme

Using two contrasting colours in a kitchen colour scheme is timeless. It provides a good look at your kitchen for two reasons. First, it solves the dullness of a single coloured kitchen scheme. The other one is that it doesn’t contain too many colours either.

The most popular two-toned scheme might be the monochromatic combination of black and white. The two colours can be paired with a variety of colours and textures. This makes matching of wares and displays easier.

Other two-toned colour schemes that you can use for your kitchen are green and white, blue and grey, black and red, and white and timber.


More than just for a fresh new look, renovating your kitchen is a good investment. You never know what little refurbishing can do should you sell your property in the future. Keeping your kitchen updated with the latest trend is not only satisfying but can even be rewarding.

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