“Visually relaxing and physically comfortable. That’s what the Hampton style brings forth to any home.”

 5 Hampton Style Decorating Tips


Hampton style came from the elegant seaside vacation houses in eastern New York. It is a combination of polished, classic and cool designs with rustic features that bring in the beach vibe.

When decorating in this style, make sure to keep in mind the most important part, the colour white. White is the base the colour in Hampton style because that brings the light, airy, and classic feels. It makes the house serene and sophisticated.


Do you want a scenic home for your family?

A Hampton style of house can make your home appear scene as it gives you that luxurious vacation beach house vibe. For this reason, you’ll feel calm and relaxed.


How do you achieve this goal?

Below are some of our tips for you to consider and follow:


1. Use colour palettes as your base colours

One of the most important things to take note when decorating Hampton style is your choice of colour palettes. As we’ve mentioned above, white is the basic colour to use for any Hampton structure. But it doesn’t need to be all white! You can pair it with other nature-inspired colours such as:

  • Aqua
  • Warm beige
  • Crisp white
  • Cobalt blue
  • Charcoal

If you’re having trouble in mixing and choosing the right colours, calling for professional help will be your best choice.


2. Decide on your walls and floorings

Now that you know the colours to use, the next tip to focus is your walls and floorings. For you to embrace this style and ensure that you can get the beach vibe, you need to use light panelled walls and timber floorboards.


Decide on your walls and floorings - 5 Hampton Style Decorating Tips


Exposure to wood products like floorboards can elicit the feeling of comfort and warmth. As a result, a person will feel good which can help in keeping their health at a better state.

What a smart way to put elegance and health care at one place right?


3. Choose the right furniture

Be generous and allow an overstuffed sofa to settle in the living room. This will make the room look enormous and grand.

Wooden side tables and sideboards add a perfect dimension to your bedroom. Otherwise, choose a lively green or blue side table to give it tint. Just avoid overdoing these colours for it to remain neat and polished. But if you intend to make it look like a beach house then opt for furniture made in rattan, linen, and wicker.

TIP: When choosing colours, think of the beach and you’ll never be lost. 


4. Combining the right furnishings to your design

Choose from being playful, traditional or modern, without allowing any modern design to overtake the classic vibe of your house.

Some of the furnishings you need to think about includes:

  • Chandeliers for larger areas
  • Pendant lightings
  • Table lamps

When deciding on what type of furnishings to consider, always choose oversized chandeliers in rustic tones for your dining area and white coloured table lamps for your living room’s side table.


The final touch

Last but not least here on our tips on decorating the Hampton style are the additional decorations such as:

  • Rugs
  • Cushions
  • Books

All of this helps incorporate other colours to the Hampton Style.



You can place a washout blue coloured rug that is made of natural fibres in the middle of your living room. This will help make it look more coastal and relaxing.

Make sure to not leave your coffee table empty. Place a ceramic bowl or a small indoor plant to add life above it. Make sure to opt for ceramic pots that are splashed with white and blue.


Need help in decorating your new build or renovating your home?

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